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Farm Radio Weekly is a news and information service for rural radio broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa. It is published by Farm Radio International.

Farm Radio Weekly

Farm Radio’s Managing Editor to meet with partners in West Africa

Farm Radio International’s Managing Editor, Vijay Cuddeford, is preparing to visit partners in West Africa next month. Here’s what he had to say about his upcoming trip….I will be visiting Nigeria and Cameroon from August 1-29 – my first time to West Africa! My first stop is Nigeria, where I’ll be travelling to the north to visit five radio stations involved in an exciting initiative to broadcast a 26-part serial drama about northern Nigerian farmers adapting to climate change. The drama is being written by the African Radio Drama Association, which is based in Lagos, and Farm Radio International is assisting by offering various services, including mine in editing the drama. I look forward to meeting with these stations and discussing the climate change drama and other radio-related issues.

In Cameroon, I will be travelling through much of the country, meeting many of our existing partners (and a few new partners), plus some Cameroon-based organizations which work on agriculture and development issues. At the stations, I’ll try to get an idea of how Farm Radio International can better serve their needs. We’ll exchange information on Farm Radio programs and on partner activities, and we’ll talk generally about how we can network together to strengthen rural radio in the country. And, as always, I’ll be on the lookout for stories to cover in upcoming issues of FRW and script packages.

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