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Farm Radio Weekly is a news and information service for rural radio broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa. It is published by Farm Radio International.

Farm Radio Weekly

Warm Greetings to All!

This week we are pleased to welcome a new slate of African subscribers: Akiode Abdullahi Oluwasegun from the farmer’s organization Extra Trading Company in Nigeria, Yusuf Wakili Yola from Kano State Television in Nigeria, Grace Achisah from Radio Afram Plains /Afram Plains Development Organization in Ghana, and Doreen Rukaria from the Kenya Community Media Network in Kenya.

In this week’s FRW, we review an issue that you may have heard about in other news – the breakdown of Doha Development Round talks at the World Trade Organization. We look at different perspectives on why the talks failed and uncover some of the implications for small scale African farmers. We also focus our attention, once again, on Liberian farmers working to rebuild their livelihoods following a 14-year civil war. Our story tells of cocoa farmers who have received support to revive their plantations.

Today you should also receive a survey about Farm Radio Weekly in your inbox. This short survey asks how you use FRW, how useful you find various sections, and your opinion on ideas we have for future issues. Your responses will shape the future of FRW – we look forward to reading them! If you are an FRW subscriber but did not receive the survey, or if you have any difficulty opening or filling out the survey, please contact Nelly Bassily at nbassily@farmradio.org.

Happy reading!

-The Farm Radio Weekly Team

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