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Farm Radio Weekly is a news and information service for rural radio broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa. It is published by Farm Radio International.

Farm Radio Weekly

Rice scripts are online and in the mail

In the past few months, global rice prices have jumped to levels not reached since the 1970’s food crisis. Since rice is a popular and important staple crop in many African countries, soaring prices have caused many countries to look for ways to increase local production.

With this as background, Farm Radio International undertook a collaboration with the Africa Rice Center (WARDA) to produce ten scripts about rice production and seed management methods. Five of these scripts were included in earlier Farm Radio International script packages. Five new scripts were recently produced and published as Package 85. This package has been mailed to Farm Radio partners and posted online at: http://www.farmradio.org/english/radio-scripts/.

A sneak peak at the new rice scripts is offered in this week’s Script of the Week. The previous five scripts produced in collaboration between WARDA and Farm Radio are available online:
“Growing NERICA is a farming solution for coping with climate change” (Package 84, Script 2, August 2008)
“Changing farming production in Africa to adapt to climate change” (Package 84, Script 14, August 2008)
“A local plant prevents pest damage to stored seeds” (Package 81, Script 1, August 2007)
“Powder of little pepper protects stored rice” (Package 81, Script 2, August 2007)
“The speaking scarecrows” (Package 81, Script 3, August 2007)

Based on partner feedback, Farm Radio and WARDA will develop and publish five more rice scripts. What other rice topics are of interest to you and the farmers in your audience? What information would you like to see in upcoming packages? Please e-mail Blythe McKay, Farm Radio International’s Development Communication Coordinator, at bmckay@farmradio.org with your ideas!

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