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Farm Radio Weekly is a news and information service for rural radio broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa. It is published by Farm Radio International.

Farm Radio Weekly

Hello to all!

Welcome to this week’s newest subscriber: Kelvin Kabila Musiyebo, from Lyambai Community Radio Station in Zambia. We hope you find Farm Radio Weekly a reliable source for news on the most important agricultural issues of the day – as well as a many other resources to support your radio work.

One of the issues we’ve been following closely is the growing number of reported land deals between African countries and rich governments and corporations. A recent story about a 40,000-hectare deal between Kenya and Qatar sparked some discussion on the FRW website. A user named My heart’s in Accra asked: “Fascinating and complex dynamics here – is this good news or bad for poor, agrarian countries?” Reader Geoffrey replied: “It’s very unfortunate and bad news for residents of these poor African countries which have been and are being eyed by the west to feed their rich countries in exchange of financial grants.” What do you think? We invite all of our readers to share their thoughts by visiting this discussion thread and filling in the “Leave a Reply” form.

We hope that this week’s news stories spark interest and discussion as well. This week’s top news story looks at a crisis which is affecting dozens of rural communities in northern Liberia, and threatening to spread into neighbouring countries – the invasion of millions of caterpillars. Though it is not reported in this issue of FRW, we are also following news of cyclones and flooding in Mozambique. If you have any information on this situation, please post it as a comment, or e-mail FRW Editor Heather Miller at: hmiller@farmradio.org.

This week, we also delve into the topic of nutrition and HIV. Our story notes the impact of high food prices on HIV-positive people, which is especially serious now, as some support organizations have been forced to cut back on food aid. We see that, in this context, locally-produced food, and support for people living with HIV to grow their own food, are more important than ever.

Finally, we direct your attention to a very special feature in this week’s Farm Radio Action section. Farm Radio asked four seasoned broadcasters to offer advice to individuals beginning their work in radio. We believe that broadcasters at all stages of their careers will find encouragement and inspiration in these words!

Happy reading!
-The Farm Radio Weekly Team

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