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Farm Radio Weekly

Telling the HIV Story: A practical manual on HIV prevention

The Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS), supported by the Global Fund, National AIDS Council, and Population Services International, has developed a manual to help media professionals enhance their knowledge and skills in reporting on HIV and AIDS-related issues. The guide is intended for print and broadcast journalists, media owners and practitioners, editors, non-governmental organizations, and students.

It is written in easy-to-read language that allows journalists to understand both the science and the social and cultural features of HIV and AIDS. All sections are introduced with training objectives, a purpose, and methodology. Each section is supported by key questions to stimulate group debate, and notes to highlight important issues.

The manual includes the following six sections:
Section 1: Contextualizing HIV
Section 2: Stigma and Discrimination
Section 3: Provider-initiated HIV Counseling
Section 4: Antiretroviral Treatment
Section 5: HIV and TB Co-infection
Section 6: Towards a New Framework of Reporting on HIV

The manual on HIV prevention can be found at: http://www.safaids.net/files/TellingTheHIVStory_reporting_manual.pdf

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