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Farm Radio Weekly is a news and information service for rural radio broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa. It is published by Farm Radio International.

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The names are in! Now it’s time to vote for your favourite.

Last week, we asked you to suggest names for our new online community of rural radio broadcasters, now being developed. We’d like to thank those of you that responded to the call. Many interesting names were suggested. We have picked six of the most creative suggestions. Now, we are asking you to choose your favourite one from this list of six.

The six names are:

1 – Barza: A Kiswahili word which means “the place where eminent persons in a village met under a tree to talk and sort out questions concerning the community.” Barza is a symbol of unity and reconciliation. Without discrimination, members of the online community are now part of one worldwide barza.

2 – The Granary: In many African communities, this is where food was or is kept. The online community will be like a granary for farm-related stories. These stories will be kept over a long time to be used by broadcasters.

3 – Radio Producers’ Village: A forum where you will have people from diverse backgrounds coming together as one family with common goals. This will be a village for radio producers fostering development through communication in rural communities.

4 – Farmer’s Echo: The name combines both rural radio and the agricultural community.

5 – Radiosource: “Source” is understood both in French and in English. For example, “Source of information and exchange. The source is vital to farmers. The source comes from the earth. The source as origin.”

6 – Nirudi: A swahili word which means “I come back” or “Come back.”

Go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8J3PB6W to read the reasons why readers chose these names and to vote for your favourite one.

You have until June 12 to vote. The name with the most votes will be announced in the next edition of Farm Radio Weekly.

3 Responses to “The names are in! Now it’s time to vote for your favourite.”

  1. Susuma Susuma Says:

    I vote for The Granary, because our online community of rural broadcasters will be used as a bank of farm related stories in which everyone can access whenever needs.


  2. Dan Anduvate Says:


    I wish to support the name BARAZA. Kinndly note the spelling and not BARZA as indicated in your communication

  3. nbassily [view profile] Says:

    Thank you for indicating your choices. I will add your choices to the vote count. Please tell your colleagues/peers to vote too.

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team

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