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Farm Radio Weekly

AMARC Africa to hold first capacity building conference in Dakar

AMARC Africa will hold its first capacity building conference, “Enhancing the Impact of Community Radio Broadcasting in Africa,” in Dakar, Senegal, on January 24-26, 2012. The event will be an opportunity for more than 70 community radio broadcasters and practitioners from Eastern, Western, Central and Southern Africa, along with partners and scholars, to evaluate the effectiveness of community radio stations engaged in current projects on water and sanitation; HIV and AIDS; and women’s participation in radio, civil society and good governance in Africa, as well as to share knowledge and define common strategies to increase the social impact of community broadcasting.

The Conference will feature five thematic workshops to train trainers on the main topics in AMARC Africa’s Action Plan for 2012-2014: achieving the MDGs, women’s empowerment, climate change and mitigation, agriculture and food, and governance, notably elections.

AMARC Africa will also present its Program of Activities for 2012-2014, and share ideas on how best to enhance the impact of community radio broadcasting in Africa in the next five years and mobilize support for the program.

For more information, see http://africa.amarc.org/dakar_conf_2012/dakar_2012_EN.html http://africa.amarc.org/index.php?p=home&l=FR [VC1]

The conference registration form is available at:  http://africa.amarc.org/dakar_conf_2012/form/index.php?lang=EN

For further enquiries, please contact Alymana Bathily, Regional Coordinator, AMARC Africa, at: alymanab@yahoo.fr

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