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Farm Radio Weekly is a news and information service for rural radio broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa. It is published by Farm Radio International.

Farm Radio Weekly

Banana bakery increases women’s incomes

Welcome to the 185th issue of Farm Radio Weekly.

This week, we tell you about a group of Kenyan women who are making good use of a food that’s ubiquitous in East Africa: bananas. The group processes ripe bananas into a multitude of edible products – cakes, bread, biscuits, ugali flour and more. Now, they have increased their incomes. And their community is happy. From morning to evening, customers flock to their bakery to take advantage of their delicious, nutritious, and locally made foods.

We travel to Ethiopia for our second story, where highland villagers are growing apples as part of a project to restore their damaged environment and denuded hillsides. We meet a farmer who took a chance on apples, and whose gamble paid off. Now he earns US $600 per year from selling his fruit. Other locals are emulating his success with their own orchards.

Our last story is of special interest to those who raise animals. A project in Cameroon is making it possible for livestock farmers to use manure to create cheap power. They are now powering their homes and business with cheap biogas from community biodigesters. Good quality fertilizer is a welcome by-product of the biodigestion process.

Don’t forget to read our non-news items. This week, our Resource section introduces readers to “Facebook for journalists”!

Happy reading!

-The Farm Radio Weekly team

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