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Farm Radio Weekly is a news and information service for rural radio broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa. It is published by Farm Radio International.

Farm Radio Weekly

Notes to broadcasters on cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is usually caused by the human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted virus. It can be treated if identified early. It shows few symptoms, and is usually detected by screening tests. However, many African women do not have access to these tests or the medical facilities that provide them. This is an issue of increasing importance for women’s health in Africa.

For more information of cervical cancer prevention in Africa, visit: http://www.africa-health.com/articles/november_2009/Cervical%20cancer%20prevention%20in%20Africa.pdf

For information on cervical cancer screening in Africa: http://cancercareafrica.org/cervical_cancer.html

For the World Health Organization’s information about cervical cancer in Africa, visit: http://www.afro.who.int/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2810:cervical-cancer&catid=1999&Itemid=2793

and: http://apps.who.int/hpvcentre/statistics/dynamic/ico/country_pdf/XFX.pdf?CFID=444177&CFTOKEN=58630489

You may want to raise awareness of this issue in your communities. It can be a difficult topic to discuss, and it is important that you and your listeners understand the facts about the disease.  Try to find statistics on cervical cancer from your local hospital;  ask a doctor or nurse to explain the symptoms and the availability of screening and treatment.

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