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Farm Radio Weekly is a news and information service for rural radio broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa. It is published by Farm Radio International.

Farm Radio Weekly

Opportunities in farming and fishing – and GMOs to enter Uganda?

Welcome to Farm Radio Weekly issue #241. This edition contains two stories about new opportunities from Cameroon and Lesotho. We also present a news brief from Uganda, where lawmakers are debating the possibility of opening the country’s farms to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

New varieties of beans were introduced to farmers in Cameroon at the beginning of the 2012 planting season. Farmers are now harvesting their crops, and finding that the yield is better than their traditional seeds.

A dam in the highlands of Lesotho is providing food and work for local people. The fish farming industry is providing both an alternative to migrating to the South African mines, and a new dish for their menus.

And, as Uganda’s Parliament debates a new National Biotechnology and Bio Safety Bill, farmers and scientists offer their opinions on the introduction of GMOs to their country. We invite you to assess the situation in your country, and bring the debate to your listening communities.

Finally, African journalists working in print, electronic or broadcast media are invited to enter a continent-wide competition organized by CNN. The deadline is approaching fast, so read more in the event section.

Keep broadcasting!

-The Farm Radio Weekly team

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