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Farm Radio Weekly is a news and information service for rural radio broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa. It is published by Farm Radio International.

Farm Radio Weekly

Profitable partnerships and dangerous jobs

Welcome to Farm Radio Weekly issue #244.

In this issue, as usual, there are stories of everyday agricultural folk. This week we present stories from the Comoros Islands and Niger. Plus, we invite you to recognize World Press Freedom Day, celebrated annually on May 3.

An elderly farmer from Grande Comoros realized that he could no longer do the heavy work he used to do. He solved this problem by inviting younger farmers, who had too little land to farm profitably, to join him. The group now produces more than the individuals did before linking up, and everyone profits from the new scheme.

In Niger, a group of women joined together to buy a grinding machine. The machine relieves them of some of the hard work involved in making baobab leaf flour. This popular food, also used as a medicine, is sought after in Niger and Nigeria, and the women are happy that their investment has improved their livelihoods.

It’s said that “The truth shall set you free.” But radio and press journalists across Africa and the world face daily threats to their lives. Fifteen reporters have been killed already this year, and many more beaten, threatened or imprisoned because their work has exposed stories that some people would rather not come to light. World Press Freedom Day is your opportunity to highlight the sacrifices that journalists make while gathering the news.

Finally, we offer an update of a script from 2008. The script highlights a successful co-operative in Zambia. The co-op has helped farmers successfully address farming challenges such as difficult weather, expensive inputs, and seasonal income. Note that the whole script is included in this week’s FRW!

Keep broadcasting!

-The Farm Radio Weekly team

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