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Barza Café discussions: Make your voices heard!

Do you feel lonely in the broadcasting booth at your radio station? Are the microphones and mixing boards just not all that exciting to you anymore? Do you feel like you’re running out of ideas and need to speak to new people to get inspired? Don’t worry: It’s normal.

When routine sets in, work can seem tedious. But we know what you’re suffering from: NEBC, or Not Enough Barza Café!

What is Barza Café, you might ask? It’s an online meeting space where Barza members can virtually kick up their feet and have conversations about all sorts of interesting and current topics.

The Barza Café is abuzz with interesting broadcasters having interesting discussions. Here is just a small taste of what’s happening right now at Barza Café.

To help whet your appetite, we highlight two discussions:

1- Your fellow broadcaster and Barza member, Martin Mwape, started a discussion called: What do you think (http://barza.fm/groups/barza-cafe/forum/topic/what-do-you-think/) In his post, he tells how he met with fisheries department experts in Zambia and asked how to start a fish farming operation (pretending to be an ordinary farmer, not a farm radio star) − and the problems he encountered trying to get information. Then Martin asks Barza Café: What do you think of farmers who want to go into fish farming? Are there similar situations in your country?

Join the discussion and tell Martin what you think. Maybe you have advice or resources to share!

2- We’re starting something new at Barza Café! We want to spark discussions on “hot topics” related to current agricultural issues and debates. The first hot topic is: Women farmers and food security (http://barza.fm/groups/barza-cafe/forum/topic/hot-topic-discussion-1-women-farmers-and-food-security/ ) Based on an article written for World Food Day by Ritu Sharma, co-founder and president of Women Thrive Worldwide,  we are asking: “What do you think broadcasters can do to better inform and empower women farmers and to help women ensure a better, more food-secure future?”

Join the discussion. We know you are bubbling with ideas on how broadcasters can help empower women farmers.

Have we stimulated your appetite for good conversation yet? Sign on to Barza to be part of these and other discussions.

Haven’t you signed up to Barza yet? What are you waiting for? Sign up now at: www.barza.fm/welcome.

Happy Barza’ing!

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