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Farm Radio Weekly is a news and information service for rural radio broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa. It is published by Farm Radio International.

Farm Radio Weekly

Farm Radio International’s How to… guide to intros and promos

You work hard to produce a weekly farmer program that serves your farmer/listeners well. But do you work hard enough to increase the number of farmers who listen?

You can grow your audience by creating promos and broadcasting them throughout your station’s weekly schedule. This will catch listeners who don’t yet listen to your program. And it will also remind your regular listeners to tune in to the next show. Once you attract listeners to your show, well-crafted intros and extros will help keep them there.

Doug Ward, former Director of CBC Radio Ottawa and current Chair of Farm Radio International’s Board of Directors recently contributed a how-to guide as part of Farm Radio Resource Pack #98, Groundnuts: the post-harvest value chain (http://www.farmradio.org/radio-resource-packs/package-98-groundnuts-the-post-harvest-value-chain/).

Titled Broadcaster how-to guide: How to create ear-catching promos, intros and extros, this guide covers this guide covers subjects including the purpose of promos, intros and extros, the audience at which they are targeted, the three elements of a promo, when to air a promo, and the difference between episode and item intros.

Find this online resource through this link:http://www.farmradio.org/radio-resource-packs/package-98-groundnuts-the-post-harvest-value-chain/broadcaster-how-to-guide-how-to-create-ear-catching-promos-intros-and-extros/

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