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Farm Radio Weekly is a news and information service for rural radio broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa. It is published by Farm Radio International.

Farm Radio Weekly

Good news about Ebola, efficiency and fisheries

Welcome to Farm Radio Weekly!

In issue #311, girls lead the fight against ignorance of Ebola in a poverty-stricken Monrovia neighbourhood, a Ugandan discovers that fuel-efficient stoves can improve his livelihood, and a fishing culture is denied reasonable access to their traditional fishing grounds on the Zambezi.

Two hundred school girls are visiting homes in West Point, Liberia, with a message of hope, hygiene and hand sanitizer. Their message? “Believe it, people, Ebola can kill. Let’s come together to stop Ebola.” It’s their neighbourhood, and the residents are starting to trust in, and act upon, the girls’ message.

For generations, Ugandans have cooked with firewood on a three-stone stove. But these stoves are time- and resource-intensive, and hazardous to health. Felix Ogwal is making a good living building and selling fuel-efficient clay and metal stoves. They’re cheap to buy and use less fuel.

The Tonga people of northwestern Zimbabwe have made their living from the Zambezi River for generations. But government levies are barring the already impoverished fishers from accessing the river, leaving commercial companies to dominate the fishery.

Farm Radio Weekly is planning a series of profiles on Farm Radio International’s broadcasting partners. Interested in being featured in the Weekly? Want to nominate another broadcaster whose story you think we should hear? Check out this week’s Action section, where you can find out how to contact us.

We wish you a favourable wind in your sails, and a safe journey through the week!

-the Farm Radio Weekly team

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