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Farm Radio Weekly is a news and information service for rural radio broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa. It is published by Farm Radio International.

Farm Radio Weekly

HIV and AIDS, 16 Days of Action, and positive responses to the Ebola outbreak

Welcome to Farm Radio Weekly!

In issue #314, FRW looks at how people living with HIV suffer from stigma in Congo-Brazzaville, the difficulties of getting justice for survivors of gender-based violence in Kenya, and education on the radio for students in two countries involved in the West African Ebola outbreak.

There have been marked improvements in HIV treatment, and legislation has been passed to protect people living with the virus. But many people living with the virus are still exposed to stigma – along with their loved ones. Our story from Congo-Brazzaville investigates one initiative to restore dignity and hope.

It is estimated that one in three women in Kenya will suffer gender-based violence before the age of 18. To compound this tragedy, justice is hard to come by: victims are not getting the help they need from the criminal justice system. Our story looks at some of the issues involved.

Authorities in Sierra Leone and Liberia have closed schools to prevent the further spread of Ebola. But students are still receiving lessons – by radio!

December 1 is celebrated internationally as World AIDS Day. We are dedicating our Resource and Script of the Week sections to providing you with useful information. Please use this content to update your audience’s awareness of HIV and AIDS.

Next week, Farm Radio Weekly will be taking a publishing break. But we’ll be back better than ever! To celebrate FRW’s seventh anniversary, we are improving the accessibility of our website and re-launching it. Find out more in the Action section below.

We wish you a great week! Until next time,

-the Farm Radio Weekly team

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